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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Puttaparthi: Sai Towers Part of It, Sai Towers Proud of It!

Sai Towers believes that the brand should stand for more than ‘just profit’. We have focused our efforts on giving back to the society especially for the causes associated with Puttaparthi. Sai Towers CSR is a generous gesture in the direction of promoting social and community welfare.

Contributed to the construction of restrooms and toilets around Puttaparthi for the visiting pilgrims and patients of the Super Specialty Hospital.

Contributed to the installation and supply of clean and refrigerated drinking water for common men near Puttaparthi Bus Stand and the Super Specialty Hospital.

Founded Sai Towers Charitable Trust to further the cause of Sai Towers mission in serving masses with Love and in Love.

Organized, financed and installed Security Surveillance Cameras at all vantage points in Puttaparthi town to reduce the criminal and unlawful activities during festival seasons with the help of like-minded business community. Complete control has been handed over to the Puttaparthi Police Station.

Donated 3 battery operated green vehicles and 300 garbage collection bins to Puttaparthi Nagara Panchayat which consequently resulted in the following awards. Among cities with population between 25000 and 50000, Puttaparthi stood:
  • FIRST in the State of Andhra Pradesh
  • SECOND in the South Zone
according to the Nation-wide Annual Cleanliness Survey “Swachh Survekshan 2020”. Sai Towers is proud to be associated with Puttaparthi Nagara Panchayat to make Puttaparthi a cleaner and greater place to live.

Sai Towers generously contributed in upgrading and beautification of Shilparamam of Puttaparthi, a venue created to foster, restore and showcase crafts, arts, culture, folklore and glory of Andhra Pradesh. Sai Towers offered Stone statues of Gods and Goddesses from Orissa to enrich the place.

On the occasion of Dassera Festival, Sai Towers organised Classical, Kuchipudi, Folk dances and other cultural programmes for four days which attracted thousands of people from neighbouring villages and Puttaparthi.

During the COVID – 19 Pandemic 2250 food packets were served to the Police personnel when Puttaparthi was declared Red Zone, grocery was supplied to Good Samaritans to cook and feed the hospital patients and their relatives stranded during lockdown and grocery was supplied to employees who didn’t have any source of income during the lockdown.

Eco-Friendly Practices
Committed to a healthy and happy earth, Sai Towers has implemented many eco-friendly processes for energy saving and water preservation, responsible waste management as well as measures to control water, noise and environmental pollution.

Energy Conservation

  • LED lighting and CFL Lighting: both consume far less energy than traditional lighting
  • Key Tag Energy Saver System: conserves energy in unoccupied rooms
  • Natural/day lighting: reduces power consumption dramatically
  • Auto Time Management for lighting through motion sensors: helps conserve energy
  • Solar Panel for hot water: alternative, renewable energy

Water Conservation

  • Aerators/Flow Restrictors including Duel Flush System: maintains water force and yet reduces outflow, hence saving water
  • Auto Flush For Public Urinals: minimizes water wastage
  • Guest engagement program – water saving poster placed in all rooms that quantifies the saving of water each guest can do by not getting their linen changed daily – encourages them to do their small bit to save precious water when they are travelling.

Operational Practices

  • Aerators/Flow Restrictors including Duel Flush System: maintains water force and yet reduces outflow, hence saving waterLaundry Paper/Cloth bags instead of plastic: environmentally friendly
  • Recycled Garbage Bio-degradable Bags: environmentally friendly
  • Pencils not plastic pens