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The Year 1986 marked the dawn of new era for Dr. Padmanaban Ranganathan. Sri Sathya Sai Photo Emporium had very modest beginnings, commencing its operations with one man show. Sri Sathya Sai Towers opened in 1990 established an era that instantaneously became an admiration for the locals and Sai devotees around the globe. The name that popularly stuck on was Sai Towers, lovingly reflecting the adage Serving Love.

Since its inception, Sai Towers has been forging ahead, full speed, clearing hurdles with immense grace, and has never looked back, even once. Constantly innovating and propelling itself through its motivated workforce, Sai Towers has had several pioneering efforts to its credit.

Sai Towers has gone a long way establishing the first multi-facility hotel, first restaurant, first bookshop and first photoshop at Prasanthi Nilayam. Sai Towers also established Sai Towers Publishing and Sai Towers Brindavan at Whitefield. Sai Towers Publishing has published more than 250 books on Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual subjects authored by eminent writers from India and abroad.

Sai Towers has always been at the forefront of innovative hospitality. It was also the first to introduce an air conditioner (1986), a computer (1990), a Fax Machine (1994) and own a car (1987) in addition to the establishment of first hotel and restaurant in this ashram town of Prasanthi Nilayam.

Sai Towers through its futuristic outlook, has been able to foresee the changes that accompany every stage of development. It has been precisely this foresight that has helped Sai Towers, sustain its position as the one stop for Sai devotees.

Over the years, Sai Towers has been the centre of tremendous attention. There have been occasions when people praised Sai Towers for great effort and when the envious position of Sai Towers have made others uncomfortable. Sai Towers owes its growth to all of them.

The Sai Towers journey has been extremely arduous but triumphant. Operating a righteous enterprise and aspiring for perfection and excellence, Sai Towers has always found character as a strength. Hard work and a continuous effort to emulate human values have given Sai Towers that character.

Well-wishers, good by-standers and critics continue to be around and the Almighty continues to be the Silent Master, inspiring and guiding Sai Towers at all times, most of all, giving the strength to Serve the humanity with Love.