This is the time for prayer. An economic recession finally led to a recession of human love. No more does one human being trust another - everywhere, every day lurks the fear of being struck by an unseen enemy. A bomb may go off somewhere, a business organisation may close down overnight, a hijacked plane may ram into a public place and kill thousands, deadly bacteria may be pumped into the atmosphere or even refugees may just run amuck. This is the time for prayer.

It is hard not to take sides - or be poetic in the face of tragic realism. A healing of the soul can only stem the tide.

It is interesting that Bhagawan did make no public mention of the present crisis in human life. Instead in His own silent way, He commenced His distribution of love. Devotees and students, from 6 October, have been visiting villages in Anantapur district distributing Bhagawan’s love in the form of food packets. In a world bifurcated by terror and vengeance. Bhagawan teaches us to distribute love.

Spiritual Impressions is now reaching out to the world in a much more definite way. The entire magazine is available online. Very soon, you can subscribe for a e-copy and read it at home almost immediately after it is published. No more postal delays!

This issue has focus on devotional music. Human prayer has always been though musical renderings - either through chants or through hymns…most suitable today during the time for prayer.

In ‘Face In Focus’ we write about a true sevak - Sri Indualal Shah - Bhagawan’s Organisation Manager. We also introduce a section on ‘Great Men and Women of God.’ In this issue, we carry a feature on Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982).

Our prayers are for all those around the world affected by the tormented times. Please spare the children and the aged from the torment - both mental and physical. Join us in our prayer.