Bhagawan explains that when He walks all the disease causing pathogens present around Him are destroyed.

In the last few years I do not remember, Baba having ever stopped or talked to the patients in the ‘Patient’s Area’ (on the ladies’ side) during Darshan at the Sai Kulwant Hall. I got curious and asked the volunteer there why this arrangement if He doesn’t stop or talk to them. She said that Baba had instructed them to seat the severely ill or terminal cases there as the Divine rays from Him will fall on them when He walks by them everyday, giving them the needed healing.

One day there was a 9-year-old girl sitting next to me and crying. When I asked the reason, she told me that she was to have heart surgery in the next two days and so, was scared. I explained how heart surgery goes and assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of. She would feel no pain - the anaesthesiologist would see to that. Then I wanted to do something for her. I asked her to write a letter to Swami and try to give it to Him when He came. That day I happened to be in the first row and decided to sit her in my lap, as children are not allowed to sit in the first row. Swami came and we both said, ’Swami, please..." but He did not stop or take the letter. The girl was so devastated and her young mother was in tears. In the afternoon someone else tried with the same result.

When the day of surgery came, Swami suddenly stopped near the girl, and everyone was trying to hand Him letters. But Swami bent down low, reached out to this little girl and took her letter. Her mother became extremely emotional, feeling Swami’s assurance.

Many people wonder why Swami seats sick people there if He is only going to walk past them. But His ’walking past’ is the greatest holist therapy imaginable, working at a pace the body, mind and soul of the individual are able to handle. Divine rays emanating from Him begin to heal a person from deep within - where the cause of the sickness lies. Slowly, the cause removed, the effects of healing surface on the conscious mind and the body. If only we are patient enough and have faith in Swami, the worst disease will be healed in course of time. Swami will erase the Karma causing the disease, and also save us from the worst part of the suffering we are destined to undergo.

In that whole Divine Drama when I see people sicker than me - some who have even received the ’Aortic root homograft’ (human valve transplant) for Aortic stenosis, it gives me great mental strength and wisdom to look at the brighter side of things. I decided to be HAPPY and patiently wait on until Swami’s spiritual radiations heal me completely.