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The festival of the seventy-fifth birthday of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was an experience worth living through. Blessed were those who were at Prasanthi to witness and be a part of the celebrations. For those who could not make it, SPIRITUAL IMPRESSIONS brings this experience to you. And for yet others, this is an opportunity to relive the experience.

We would like you to reflect on the four major divine discourses that Bhagawan blessed us with during the birthday celebrations. Bhagawan’s major message during the celebrations was love and the necessity to lead a more purposeful life.

In ‘Faces in Focus’ in this issue, we take you back in time to have a glimpse of a very humble family from Bukkapatnam, near Puttaparthi – The Yadalams. Members of this family were among the first devotees of Baba.

Enjoy reading and ruminate over our other articles in ‘Experiencing Divinity,’ ‘Prayer – Heart to Heart Communication’ and other regular features. This issue carries yet another perspective of the Super Speciality Hospital at Puttaparthi.

We complete the year 2000 with our heartfelt love for you, dear readers. Keep your faith strong and your hearts fertile for sowing more spiritual seeds. One day your harvest will be a golden one and you will cherish your golden age.

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