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63 Devotees of Shiva Thiruneelakantar

Whereas Jnana Sambandar worshipped Lord Siva as his divine father, Appar, Sundarar and Manickavachagar worshipped him as their Master, Friend and Guru respectively. Their worship mainly took the form of singing hymns in praise of the lord.

But several other devotees mostly worshipped Lord Siva through their professional work by serving the devotees without charging for them.

Thiruneelakantar was a young potter by profession. He showed his devotion by supplying begging bowls free of charge to monks who had renounced the worldly life and lived only on alms.
.He was once tempted to go to the house of a very beautiful prostitute. His wife came to know of this and became very angry.
She decided to continue to be a good wife in all respects except physical relations. She did not tell about this state of affairs to anyone. One day Thiruneelakantar overcome with desire, tried to touch her hand and draw her near. She shouted: "In the name of Lord Siva I forbid you to touch me."