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Children's Corner

God Helps those who help themselves

Once upon a time, to a small, dusty hamlet came a Sadhu. He did not do much. Just sat under a tree and spoke of God and his infinite grace. "God is kindness. He is the embodiment of love," was the steady refrain of this Sadhu. "Pray to God when you are in trouble," exhorted the Sadhu. Among the villagers who gathered every evening to listen to the Sadhu, was a cartman. Ramachandra, for this was the cartmanís name, was a staunch devotee of Hanuman. One wet, muddy, rainy day, when Ramachandra was driving his paddy-laden cart, he discovered the wheels of the cart firmly stuck in the mud. Recollecting the Sadhuís words, Ramachandra prayed hard and sincerely ó "Oh, Lord Hanuman, come to my rescue." But Hanuman did not come, nor did any other God.

Ramachandraís faith failed him and in his anger, abused his God. He then turned his anger on the Sadhu, for had not the Sadhu said, "God comes to the aid of those in trouble." The Sadhu listened quietly and calmly, then he replied, "If you stand near a well and say Iím thirsty, will the water come up to you? Take Godís help and do what you have to do." The meaning of the Sadhuís words finally dawned on the cartman. He pushed and pulled at his cart, all the while praying to Lord Hanuman. Lo and behold, the cart began to move effortlessly. The true meaning of the Sadhuís words came to the cartman. Seek Godís help in all your efforts. Then God will lend the helping hand.