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Sai’s Miracle House in Kathmandu

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Now, during our visit, auspicious signs and events began to take place. There were thirty-eight which occurred within a three-day period. Vibhuti ash manifested on a Ganesh statue which was only inches away from us. Without warning, flowers began "jumping" from bouquets and garlands on the altar. Om symbols began to appear on bananas and other fruit.Suddenly, Donna Koon’s box flew from its location. Om’s appeared on cucumbers, bananas, an apple and a papaya. Vibhuti appeared on some crystals that rested on the altar which Donna had given to each of us as a gift from her crystal shop in Crestone, Colorado.

 On another visit to Bharosa’s house the five of us placed letters to Baba on the altar. Vibhuti Om’s appeared on the letters, and ash manifested inside the closed envelopes. A white jasmine flower manifested on Kay’s letter and a pale pink carnation manifested over the Sai Baba photo I had placed on the altar. There were no pink carnations in the room.

Sacred fragrances began to catch my attention. They continued for three days. The essences were vibhuti, jasmine, sandalwood and rose.

We were shown later the "Turmeric Fax" by Ramesh, which he said Baba used to send loving and instructive messages to the family once a week. The "fax" was a half-inch layer of yellow turmeric powder in a cookie sheet, such as we had seen in Salt Lake City. Baba had sent Ramesh a turmeric fax message asking him and the group to take good care of us, which they did, in abundance.

Another unusual manifestation concerned food. One day as we sang in front of the altar, a large vibhuti Om appeared in a dish of yogurt which had been placed there before dinner to receive Baba’s blessings, as is customary in Hindu homes.

But Bharosa’s healing sessions were an especially memorable aspect of our visit. Bharosa asked visitors to line up for brief healing sessions after each morning and evening Bhajan session. She subsequently said a prayer for each person, poured holy water into the mouth of each healing recipient, placed vibhuti ash on his forehead and touched him or her on the shoulder.

During one of the lovely dinners prepared for us by Bharosa and the devotees, a Sai brother mentioned how incomparably fortunate the Kathmandu devotees consider themselves to be, having received countless testimonials of Baba’s love and grace.

"But you know," he said, "Baba’s miracles are his calling cards. We must not get stuck on calling cards. His greater work is awaiting us and that means a lifetime of implementing His teachings and serving others each day to the best of our ability." We nodded in hearty agreement.

Gloria Ryder took photos of various scenes at Bharosa’s house while we dined and chatted with each other, brimming with joy at our good fortune to have had three amazing days at the Adhikari home. "It’s difficult to say what has impressed me the most," she said, smiling and bouncing her shiny red hair as she talked. "One of the most touching experiences for me was hearing the joy, strength and love of the devotees who sang Bhajans to Baba here. At those moments we all became one in our love for God, for Baba. Also, I received turmeric powder in my little tin box on the ledge. George’s box received vibhuti ash. Both are used for healing. Remember seeing vibhuti emit from the Ganesh statue? It has all been so thrilling that, next to having seen Baba Himself, I feel that this experience of seeing so many miracles at such close range and in such quick succession has been one of the highlights of my life."

George, Donna, Kay and I all nodded emphatically. We would soon be leaving and we were getting sentimental about the Adhikari family’s extraordinary hospitality, Ramesh’s wisdom, and our longing to see the Avatar in a few days.

From outside the window we could hear Bharosa’s caged green pet parrots screeching "Sai Ram!" as devotees left for the evening through the front door beside the parrot cages.

One of the last memorable events of our stay concerned lovely and generous Mrs. Meena Khanna who had bought two pictures of Krishna at the ISKON Temple in neighboring Budha Nilkanth and had placed them on the Adhikari altar. Within minutes vibhuti collected on the pictures. Tiny vibhuti footprints appeared on a small clear plastic paperweight picture of Krishna. A bit later, when Mrs. Khanna presented each of the five of us with "going away presents" of handsome brass Ganeshas; they all manifested vibhuti ash. But that wasn’t the end.

Manifestations in Lumbini (Nepal), Prasanthi Nilayam, Arkansas and Georgia

After we parted tearfully from the two dozen loving, hospitable Sai devotees who form the core group at daily Bhajans, Baba had another surprise for His five American pilgrims. During our flight from Kathmandu to Delhi, He sprinkled His sacred healing ash on the arm of the airplane seat between George Ryder and Donna Koon. They mistakenly kept wiping it off, thinking that a passenger behind them was disobeying the "no smoking" regulation and was flicking cigarette ashes on their armrest. After it kept re-appearing they finally realized it was Baba’s vibhuti.

Interestingly enough, while I was writing this article, I learned of more Sai manifestations which took place in a flat in Baba’s Abode of Peace Ashram in Puttaparthi, South India. In addition, Sarit Rimal, Bharosa’s son-in-law, had conveyed further by telephone that Bharosa’s mother, in Lumbini, Nepal (many years ago), Bharosa and her daughter Sujata, in Salt Lake City, Utah, all three have had sacred Om’s appear on fruit in their homes. In other words, three generations of Sai devotees have been blessed with the same phenomenon by Sathya Sai Baba.

Also, Sarit’s family friend, Mrs. Anand of Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A., had told me by phone about Bharosa’s forty-eight-hour visit to her home in 1998 wherein vibhuti collected on the pictures of Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai Baba and Guru Gobind Singh. Since then, at least three pictures in the house continue to emit vibhuti.

"You know, whenever Bharosa eats a piece of fruit an Om symbol appears on that fruit," Mrs. Anand told me with great animation. "On about August 10th, 2000, I was visiting Swami at ‘Parthi and we invited Bharosa to our room in the ashram. Bharosa and Ramesh came to the room with Dr. Sita Ram Choudhary, another man and an unmarried girl in their group. We wanted to serve them some coconut water so we obtained some coconuts at the ashram stand near the rooms. My father-in-law, J.S. Anand was there along with Raminder, M.P. Singh, my father, my Aunt Kuldip and myself."

"When Bharosa touched the coconut and a grape they developed Om symbols. I personally have seen this more than once so I know it’s true and there were many witnesses. Furthermore, in Atlanta, Georgia, when Bharosa and Ramesh visited the home of Pawan and Chanda Rai, where the Center used to meet, many phenomena also took place."

"In regard to any potential scoffers of such phenomena, Mrs. Anand says, ‘To know a believer, you must also have, for contrast, the unbeliever. Unbelievers are key players in Baba’s drama. Everything in the Master Plan has a place. God is in all the actors. A Master Chef uses a pretty, dainty serving utensil as well as mundane utensils and a blackened pot in the kitchen. All the utensils are used in putting out a great meal. None is superior."

In addition to the cascade of grace which the Adhikaris have received from Sathya Sai, two recent phenomena have taken place. Baba manifested a yellow silk Avatar robe in Bharosa’s closet. After it was taken out, vibhuti Om’s appeared on it. A protective glass case will be created to protect Baba’s gown from potential damage by too much handling from overly-zealous devotees.

Lord Rama Appears to Bharosa

We recently learned that on Guru Poornima, 1999, Baba in the Form of Lord Rama, looking very tall and well-built, appeared to Bharosa. Lord Rama handed Bharosa His heavy golden archery bow to hold and then He pointed to His divine toe and, lo! – holy Ganges water began to flow from His foot. He asked Bharosa to get a vessel to collect the holy water in order to distribute it to devotees for healing purposes.

The end of the pilgrims’ story, at least for now, is that George Ryder still has not had heart surgery and is starting a project on low income housing. Donna Koon continues with her crystal shop and healing center while Gloria and Kay work heroically in the courts as advocates for troubled families. This author writes, speaks, hosts a weekly Sai group and oversees many service projects. To sum up, Baba’s own approach to the hundreds of Sai miracles which the author and others have been privileged to witness, is very simple. He has clearly emphasized in His discourses, "I use my Shakti (power) to attract people and to draw them towards the God-ward path. These miracles are merely baits with which I lure them towards Me. Once their faith is firmly established, they begin to look beyond the miracles and slowly start stretching their hands out for what I have really come to give – Knowledge and Bliss."

Connie Shaw

Connie Shaw, a long-time devotee from Colorado, U. S. A, writer and speaker, has appeared frequently on numerous radio and television shows, educating the public about Bhagawan Baba