Sri Sathya Sai Towers, comprising of the Hotels division, the Publishing Division, and other activities, maintains a charitable trust. The trust is properly deeded, executed and maintained in accordance with the prerequisite legal requirements.


Generally the Objects, pursuits and benefices of the trust are the needy, the deserving poor, the orphaned, the sick and ailing, the bereft and those in need of material, educational, moral and spiritual uplift. The trust seeks to provide educational assistance, scholarships, maintenance of schools, libraries, and other educational instutions. The support and upkeep medical, daycare, and other nursing and santariums are within the ambit of the trust, as is the maintenance, wellbeing and amenity of the patients and other population of these institutes generally.

For example, one of the specific objects of the trust specifies the following: To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant donations, for and to aid and assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension of institutions engaged in advancement of knowledge, commerce, health, safety; providing relief from poverty; providing education and preferment of orphans; maintaining houses of correction, promotion and encouragement of acts and graces of life and social manners; maintaining public recreation grounds for amateur activities; amenities, sports, advancement of music and other arts and cultural activities; and engaged generally in servicing and improving the lot of the poor, the sick, the backward and the downtrodden members of the public in India and alleviating their sufferings.

The Sai Towers Charitiable Trust exists to alleviate suffering and provide the means for the necessary uplift of persons in dire need.


The Trustees shall have power and discretion to accept upon such terms as they shall think fit any donations, grants, subscriptions, aid and contributions. The Trustees shall apply such donations, grants, aid subscriptions and contributions for all or any of the objects of the Trust keeping in view, as far as possible, the intentions of the grantors.